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Keep your trees looking green, healthy, and fresh throughout the Christmas selling season. Kirk Company has devoted years of research and development to formulate our color enhancing products. Colorants are non-toxic, environmentally safe, and contain no heavy metals or mercury.             

Super Pinegreen Special Formula II
Super Pinegreen SF II is a deeper version of our popular standard formula for those trees that may turn excessively yellow or for customers who prefer a darker green color.



UPC: 0-42264-25065-4

Dimensions: 16 in x 10 in x 15 in

Weight:  24.5 lbs




One gallon of colorant diluted in 30 gallons of water and sprayed uniformly to trees has proven satisfactory.  The amount of water dilution may be altered; this depends on the intensity of green coloration desired by the user.  Early application of the above dilution is recommended before the first frost while the trees are still green.  This early application is usually made by August or early September.

If spraying is delayed and the trees are discolored (yellowing), the dilution recommended is one gallon of colorant diluted in 20 gallons of water.

One gallon of colorant diluted with 30 gallons of water will cover approximately 65 trees, before yellowing.  It is desirable and economical to spray before yellowing.


Mix well before using-place part of the water used for diluting in the spray tank first before adding colorant.  Agitate the solution slowly to make sure a thorough mixing is obtained.  If a partially used pail of colorant is re-opened, care should be exercised to avoid allowing pieces of dried material getting into the spray tank.

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