Mei Mei

My name is Mei Mei.  I am in charge of harvesting the trees that are sent to your neighborhood.

Every year, we visit our plantation and grade each tree for quality and size, because some people 

like tall trees and some people like shorter trees.  Some people like bushy trees and some like

trees with space between the branches.  Once we tag all of the trees, we bring them from the 

plantation so that they can be shipped.  We start harvesting the trees in October and November so

that people all over the world can receive their trees in time for the holidays.  Once a tree is 

cut down, it is baled up so that it is easier to transport.  Most of the trees are loaded on open air

trucks that take the trees to the yards where they will be loaded and shipped all over the country.

Sometimes, the trees are not in a place where trucks can drive to.  When this happens, we use

helicopters to fly the trees from the plantation so that they can be loaded.  It's pretty exciting!



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