Hi, my name is Kirk and I run the tree farm.  My team and I work very hard to create a beautiful tree for you and your family.  Why do we work so hard?  Real trees are great!  Real trees are all natural with no artificial materials and they are grown in the USA, unlike artificial trees which are made in China.  Some people think that cutting down trees for Christmas is bad for the environment, but the opposite is really true.  Trees are a crop, just like corn.  Every year, we plant a lot more than we cut down.  Tree farms provide a habitat for wildlife while they are growing, and they can be recycled. Try that with an artificial tree!  A single tree can absorb 1 ton of harmful carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen, which helps us to breathe!  Hunting for a real tree, even if you are just going to a lot is a great tradition that the family can look forward to year after year.  Buying a real tree also supports your local economy and provides jobs for more than 100,000 local farmers.  Last but not least, they make your house smell just like the woods!  


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