Grand Fir

Grand Fir

General Description

Grand fir is enjoyed for its strong woodsy fragrance, unique needle structure, and soft, full appearance. Grand fir is sheared to create a beautiful, thick foliaged Christmas tree perfect for decorating.


The Grand fir's very rich, woodsy fragrance signals Christmas is in the air. Smooth, flexible needles up to 1 ½ inch in length grow in two distinct rows to give the Grand a silky, feathery appearance. The top surface of the needles is a fresh, dark green, with a variegated white and green underside, which gives the trees their unique coloring. Grand Firs are very dense and naturally symmetrical.


Grand fir grows in the Pacific Northwest and is very popular in the Rocky Mountain regions of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

Fun Fact

Grand fir has been used for hundreds of years as a sedative and a tonic. Native Americans brought the boughs inside as an air freshener and burned them as incense to make a purifying smoke to ward off illness.


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