What is Sustainability?
Sustainability allows us to achieve our goals today without sacrificing the ability for future generations to achieve their goals.  The three pillars of sustainability are Environment, Economic Vitality and Community.  These factors influence every decision we make at The Kirk Company.
One acre of trees consumes one ton of CO2 per year
• One acre of trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people daily
• More trees are planted than harvested each year
• Trees are recyclable- as mulch, wild life habitat, or for wild land fire training
• Integrated Pest Management (IPM)- protects people and the environment - For more info, click here:
Economic Vitality:
 All the real trees used in North America are grown in North America
• 85% of fake trees are manufactured in China
• +100,000 people are employed on tree farms
Adult & Teen Challenge -  They are a faith based organization for people in addiction recovery.  They work on our farms and in our retail partner’s tree lots to merchandise.  We supply trees and support Adult & Teen Challenge with their tree lots, which are their best fundraiser activity all year.
Plastic Reduction Plan
We are actively researching alternative materials that will reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste that our products create while still maintaining the high quality of product that we are known for.

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