Elf Tree™

Kirk Elf Tree™​

General Description

The Kirk Elf Tree™ is the newest addition to the quality line of Kirk Christmas trees. Grown to bring the rich scent and beauty of Christmas to small spaces, this compact tree is perfect for small apartments, offices, dorm rooms, as a special personalized second tree, or for the RV traveler on the go.


Approximately 3 feet in height, the Kirk Elf Tree™ is specifically cultivated to resemble a typical 6' to 7' Christmas tree. Each tree is hand sheared to create a full, symmetrically tapered appearance. Depending upon retailer and region, this tree is available as a Fraser fir, Noble fir, or Nordman fir and comes with a specially fitted watering bowl.


Shipped from our Oregon and North Carolina sites, the Kirk Elf Tree™ is available nationwide and in Canada and South America.

Fun Fact

The Kirk Elf Tree™ has its very own special story. Consumers are invited to visit www.KirkElfLand.com and enter the code on the back of the tag attached to their tree to read the Elf Tree story and find out more about the elf who grew their tree.

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