20" Bypass Lopper MV145 - Zenport


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The Zenport MV145 Professional Vine and Light Tree Lopper is widely used by professional vineyard pruners as well as home gardeners for grape, shrub and tree pruning.

This is the ideal bypass lopper for pruning and training of vines. Features a small cutting head for easy access to hidden branches.

The swivel head bolt and nylon-padded nut ensure smooth and lasting operation. Rubber bumpers absorb the shock on completion of cut.

Designed for cutting live wood. The cutting blade of this lopper slides past a counterblade in a scissor action, hence the name "bypass".

The pivot bolt of the Zenport MV145 lopper is offset from the natural centre-line of the tool. This unique design feature creates a slicing motion during cutting, which greatly assists the pruning of live wood and spreads wear over a larger area of the blade for increased life.

The hook shape of the Zenport MV145 lopper counterblade enables a large cutting diameter and holds the branch steady during cutting. The sap groove is a recess which reduces the area of contact between blade and counterblade and results in less friction and sticking.



UPC: 1-85227-00049-8

Dimensions: 25 in x 6 in x 1 in

Weight: 1 lb

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