nordman fir

Nordman Fir
General Description

The Nordman fir is Europe’s Christmas tree of choice because of its deep rich color, dense foliage, rounded needles, and light fragrance. Recently introduced to the US market, it has grown steadily in popularity.


Nordman fir is a very full tree in terms of both branches and foliage. The needle color is a very deep green and the tree can spread to a very wide base. The needles display a dark, green, glossy upper-surface with a contrasting silvery white under-surface. The needles are flat with rounded tips, and grow in symmetrical rows circling around the branch. Considered a Hoover friendly species, the Nordman fir has excellent needle retention that enables it to have “just cut” look throughout the Christmas season. Its light scent makes it a desirable species for consumers with tree allergies.


Currently grown in Oregon and shipped throughout western United States, Nordman fir is growing in popularity as availability increases.

Fun Fact

The Nordman fir is native to the Caucasus mountain range located in Turkey between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.